HD Tune Speed tests Raptor

I would like to see the admins of WD put up some real world speed tests of their drives, but until then I am interested in speed test results from the raptor range of drives.

Currently I am using a Patroit Torq X2 as a C: drive, been having issues with SSDs for so long I just want to dump them in the bin, I have been looking at getting a Sata3 Velociraptor but would like to know what speeds people are getting.

I use a tool called hdtune to do read speed and head seek speed tests, so if there is someone with a sata3 model raptor drive that wouldn’t mind doing a speed test and posting the result here. If it’s your C: drive I expect the speed to be marginaly lower as windows will most likely access the drive at the same time of the test, but it’s still going to give a good idea how quick it can be.

If you do want to help, just write down some info, like if it was your C: drive, is it on a sata2 or sata3 or usb3 interface, and if you know the chipset running that sata3 interface, if your using AHCI or IDE mode or Raid as well.

These drive are getting with-in a price range I find acceptable these days and would like to start using them.

You could try Google Images for HD Tune benchmark graphs:

HD Tune’s results page:

skozzy wrote: been having issues with SSDs for so long I just want to dump them in the bin



Off-brand SSDs and their off-brand controllers or unproven controllers haven’t been doing too well; however, the proven/established ones aren’t any less reliable than an HDD.  I’ll never not have an SSD.

Never thought about looking in google pictures, good tip. A lot of the ones I have looked at I was very disappointed with the raptor speeds. I was expecting much more from them.

have you tried looking at the sata 6 drives?  of course you have to have a sata card or board that supports it.

HDDs don’t come close to saturating the SATAII bus, so a SATAIII interface wouldn’t improve performance.

SSDs, OTOH, do/would.

I’m just thinking of being cheaper.  :stuck_out_tongue: