HD Tune slow scan speed WD800JD-75MSA3


A friend of mine had a problem which she lost the NTLDR which I used the repair utility to fix. I’m trying to run an error scan to see if there are any bad sectors with HD tune and the speed bogs down to 1-2MB/sec. It may go back up to 50-60MB/sec for a 1 or two but will drop down again.It took about an hr to get to 25/80 gigs and the sectors were still ok at that point. Running the WD utility in quick and extended mode in DOS didn’t show any errors. The re-allocated sector count and offline uncorrectable counts are at 200 but they are not showing with a yellow line in HD tune. Is there an issue with the drive or does it look like it could be a Windows/virus?I installed MS Security Essentials and ran a quick scan. That didn’t turn up any issues. I’d appreciate any advice.

One other odd thing is that when I power on the machine, it powers off, then on for a second, off again, then on and will boot with no issues. I have to find out what may be causing that issue.



Ok issue is with the O/S not the drive. I installed XP on another drive and ran the HD test on the drive that had the issues and everything is working correctly. The HDTune that took over an hr to finish only took 8:30. We’ll need to format this drive and everything will be ok.