Having trouble fetching the TVDB info

Hi, I am having trouble fetching series info from the TVDB,

I am working on Star Blazers, here is the TVDB link:


 there are 3 seasons, in the 1970’s but thumbgen always takes me to “Star Blazers 2199” which is the 2014 version here:


 I have tried numerous keywords, combinations, inserting year, always the same results, help !

What am I doing wrong ?


Have you tried adding a different Meta source to see if it does the same?

please see page 203 of the user manual


Hi, Thank you for the reply,

My fault, I shoulda been more precise, I am using Thumbgen on my PC, tried a whole bunch of keywords, year, no year, brackets and not, it should work, the only time I ever had a problem, was also on a non-popular cartoon but it was resolved, it’s been years trouble free until now :frowning:

Like I said, I am trying to fetch metadata and pictures using Thumbgen on my pc, I am to assume that Thumbgen has problems with the keywords or it’s at the TVDB, dunno, I even used the page data code for the keyword in thumbgen as that sometimes work, ie:

if I were to search Iron Man (2008) and the keyword or title did not work, I could just enter the page location tag as a keyword:


 page location tag: tt0371746

I am sorry if it’s not clear or if I use wrong terms . … :smiley: I do the best I can