Having problems with my wd blue sn550

A few days ago, I bought this SSD and put it in my z370-A pro.
It works well, But I’m struggling with abnomal GPU gpu utilization.
Whenever I play game installed my another HDD and using 3D engine, GPU utilization is up to 100%
I never experienced this situation before I install this SSD
I upgrade and downgrade the GPU driver, but this situation is ongoing.
I assume this phenomenon is related to this ssd, so I ask this community
what’s the problem and what should I do?

An SSD should have no impact on GPU performance. Did you add your SN550 as an additional drive or did you install it as your boot drive? If you installed as your boot drive, did you do a fresh installation of windows along with new drivers and new driver settings for all of your devices including GPU?

Perhaps if you did a fresh install of windows, perhaps you eliminated a pre-existing bottleneck on your system that you weren’t aware of.

100% GPU utilization is not a bad thing if you’re gaming. In fact, most gamers are typically trying to get to 100% GPU utilization. They don’t want to spend big money on a graphics card only to run it at partial utilization. The higher the GPU is utilized, the better it’s performing, and chances are you’re getting more FPS and improved renders.

Look at your GPU utility programs to monitor performance. If your GPU and system thermals are under control, you should be fine. Are they okay or has your system turned into mini-heater? Look at your frame rates. Are they improved with the higher GPU utilization?

If you’re playing a graphics-intensive game, your GPU utilization should be higher than your CPU utilization. If your GPU utlization is pegged at 100% when your computer is at idle, then there is a real problem. But to reiterate, an SSD, HDD, or any other type of mass storage device shouldn’t impact GPU performance.