Having compatibility issues with Linksys PLE200

Hi all,

I’ve been using a Linksys PLE200 kit for the last three years without much problem, but now I’m trying to add a pair of WD Livewire units to the network. I’m trying to use the WD Livewire utility to connect the two models with each other, but I’m having a lot of issues. I’ve got four powerline devices hooked up, and the utility is showing two of them in the “Powerline device detected” field, one of which is the other WD device and one of which is a Linksys device. When I click on either device, the correct ones they are attached to show up in the “Additional devices on the network” field. However, when I try to enter the password for any of the devices, it tells me that the passwords are incorrect even though they are, actually, correct.

My Linksys adapters both have a PowerLine LED that lights up when/if the devices see each other, and they are illuminated. As well, the WD’s PLC-Link LED is on and flashing occasionally, which seems to suggest it’s seeing the other unit.

Basically, my question is: does anybody know how to get these two devices to talk to each other? I’ve pretty much exhausted all my options here short of returning them, or buying an extra pair of WD adapters, which is pretty expensive.


What if you try to sync them manually with the sync button? o.o

Do not put them in as pairs!

If ALL devices are Homeplug AV certified, then you only need ONE that is connected to both your power and your router.

If you try to install them as PAIRS, you are creating a loop on your network.

Yeah I don’t have them hooked up as pairs; only one of the Linksys adapters is plugged into my router. The other Linksys is attached to a PC in the basement, and the two WDs are in the living room (one trying to get hooked up to a WD TV Live, the other not hooked up to anything at the moment).

And the two WDs see each other, so I don’t need to hit the sync button.

What happens if you rotate them around?  

Put a Linksys and the WD in the LR, and the other WD in the basement?

If, then, the WD and Linksys now see each other and the basement WD is abandoned, then you know if may be an issue getting from that specific circuit to the other.