Have to restart device after each video playback or if left for a while

I started having this problem with my old Western Digital TV Live Plus box.

So, then I decided to get a new one.  I like the new firmware, but this new box does the exact same thing.

I can only play one video, then I have to cycle power inorder to play another one.

What is going on?

I think it must be a network issue, but what on the network could be causing such a problem?

I am streaming my videos from a Windows Share from either a Windows XP PC or a Windows 7 PC on my network.

I have a Netgear GS116 Ethernet Switch.  Maybe it is failing.

I also tried playing a movie from attached USB storage and got the same results.  I really like the WD TV Live, but, I will put in an HTPC if I have to.

Any thoughts anyone?

The videos are “bad” in such a way that it’s crashing the decoder. Fix the videos and the problem will disappear — on both of your boxes.

+1. Try a broad selection of videos. I think you’ll find its only a few causing it. Been down the htpc road in many flavors. Prefer the wd