Have to Manually Rescan For Updates

I have the 4 WDTV SMPs. 3 of them are connected to a network and 1 I take with me on my travels and use it via USB in the hotel. All are updated to 1.16.13 and I only use them to watch my own content (nothing online like YouTube or anything). 

For the 3 that are networked I connect to a Synology Diskstation using SMB shares on Linux. I have a separate symlinked folder for each of them where the .wdtv folder is so there is no corruption of the database. The other I have a 64GB USB stick I use that holds the movies/tv shows for my travel.

The problem is that for the 3 networked WDTVs the auto update never runs. I have it set to hourly and it will go days without ever updating itself. If I delete a TV Show after watching it, it used to compile the library and remove the folder if that was th last show in the folder or at least refresh the folder if there were more than one in the folder but it does nothing. I have to manually press the info button, and rescan.

This isn’t what I experience on the USB connected WDTV. If I delete the last show in a folder or a movie after I watch it, the Media Library is compiled and the movie is taken out of the list. 

Is there something I need to do to get this functionality back? Since we watch/delete from different WDTVs it’s nice to have the library update itself so we aren’t seeing stuff that isn’t actually there.


Hi, if you try to manually do the rescan by pressing options on the remote control and then rescan, nothing happens?

The manual rescan works fine, it’s the auto rescan that never happens either when I delete a file or when the time alotted has passed (currently set to rescan every hour).