Have I bought the right tech? I bought a MPW to use as a photo folder for my macbook at home

Hi guys - I’m afraid I am not very tech-savvy so go easy on me.

At home we have: a MacBook pro, 2ipads, 2iphones, a time machine and an appleTV. We have so many photos that we have filled up the MacBook pro (which we use as a primary computer). My plan was to get to move the photo folder to a separate wireless device, then point the photo application (we use Picassa) at the device’s folder to view/edit the photos. The MacBook pro rarely leaves the house so I don’t mind not having the pictures on there permanently.

I bought a 2TB MPW but now that I have it in hand, it seems to access it I need to choose the MyPasspoort network. Am I able to make this connection in the background and also maintain my connection to the TimeMachine wifi network at the same time?

Or have I bought the wrong thing?


You may have done so, because all you really needed to do was buy an external desktop HD (that is not a portable or wireless one) and connect it to your computer. Since you are a complete Apple user, I suggest you find a drive that is designed specifically for a Mac (right formatting and all.)

All is not lost, though, you have a portable MPW now you can use and put your music and photos on when you are away from your home system.