Hauppaugge 950Q with WD Live Hub

I’m using the Hauppauge 950Q digital TV tuner with Rogers cable.

The WD Live Hub app does not get the anolog channels from 2 - 125.

The Hauppauge 950Q, does get the anolgue channels when connecrted to the laptop. I’m scanning now, and itts getting al lthe unscramled chanels.

So, can we fix the app so that I can get the anolue channels 2-125 please?

Using the WDLIVETV HUB, it olnt picked up channesl 100-105 in digital…


Make sure you’re setting the Hauppauge app to “CABLE,” not “DIGITAL CABLE” in the setup.

Yes, it is set correctly.

I removed the USB digital device, and connected it to the PC, it found all the channels, when search for analog signals, so, I guess the firmware does not sure for these signals.

It did find two channels with the antenna…

Hmm.  It may be moot anyway, as the Rogers web pages say analog is going away early 2013… Everyone must convert to digital.  Many markets have already  Been converted.