Hauppauge tuner functionality

Nice to see the addition of the Hauppauge tuner in the latest firmware release.  Does anyone know how much functionality has been implemented on the WD.  Specifically, is there a guide function?

I notice that some forum members are wondering if connecting a local TV tuner makes any sense.  I guess they’ve got simple setups where the TV’s have built-in tuners.   I’ve got a mix of old and new displays and TV’s running off a central A/V system using Elan video and audio switchers.  For this kind of setup attaching a tuner to the WD Live device makes a lot sense.  I currently using two old Samsung HD tuners, which run hot and have sketchy audio reception on certain channels.  They’re out of production and the alternatives didn’t look very good until now.  Thanks WD!

Its very basic, a channel scan with now and next info on each channel plus a function to turn on or off subtitles. You can also record programs. There is no guide (at least not in the UK)


Thanks for the info.  I’m in the US, so hoping to get some feedback from someone on this side of the pond.

No TV guide, and can only record current channel. No scheduled recording available. Hopefully in future release.

Anyone get the hauppauge 950q to work with Rogers cable?
I do a scan with Rogers and get 5-7 channels
So somehow I’m not getting the rest

The idea is actually very good. But the implementation is minimal and without the capability to schedule a recording it is nearly useless. These days any TV has a digital tuner (plus it’s cheaper to get a converter than the hauppauge tuner). Just adding tuner capabilities to WD TV is useless.

I was looking for a PVR for OTA HD and because I had the WD TV Live I jumped and got a hauppauge tuner ($80) right the way. It was not worth the money. The only thing I’ve got is that I can record current channel. But combined with the infinite time to switch channels the hardware and software is nice a as proof of concept not as a usable product.

Please add scheduling. Even if it’s a bare bone one (VCR style) it will help a lot. At least it is an HD VCR :wink:

| Channel x | From “Start Time” | To “End Time” |

To make it really usefull then please implement a “programmable” guide (where I can select in advance what I want and press record.

Have the 950qhave here digital channels come in great. No analog channels found.
Too bad my cable co is stuck in the stone age (90% is analog).
Needs more functionality but i have a feeling it may come, seeing as haupauge made wintv for WDMC this is the beginning of something or the end of nothing.

Just got the tuner a month ago and was really excited about being able to record some shows with no monthly costs.  Only problem is when you record, it’s REALLY glitchy.  Scenes skip, audio drops out for a second or two and all those glitches show up in the recordings.

Overall, pretty bummed with the quality and hoping WD or Hauppauge does some work on it to make recording better in quality.

QUESTION:  Anyone recording with this and an antenna?  Right now, I’m running cable from the wall (Comcast).  I’m wondering if recording is better with OTA antenna than cable.

I saw ur message re using the hauppauge with rogers. Did u get it to work? I couldnt either

I’ve been recording this with a DVB-T stick and the quality is fine. However, there’s no schedling and the GUI is slow like **bleep**.

I have just purchased the Haupauge 950Q tuner and no matter what I do it will not find any channels during a scan. Now I admit my setup is unique. I have no digital tv in my area (US Military base in Afghanistan) and am connecting my AFN satellite receiver to the WDTV Live Hub via the tuner card. I have tried to use the RCA AV jacks and coax connection on channel 3. I tested on my laptop and everything works well with both the Haupauge software and MS media center. I have been googling all morning and found this


which states the following, “Bring over-the-air high definition ATSC digital TV plus unencrypted analog cable TV channels to your WD TV Live or WD TV Live Hub.”

Obviously I am quite dismayed as I planned on using the hub to record tv while I am away from the room in order to time-shift.

Has anyone managed to get analog chanels or AV to show up in their hub?