Hauppauge 950q for Live TV

Recently purchased the Hauppauge 950q tuner for the Live Hub. Bought it for the recording of live TV but there are 2 problems:

  1. While recording a show I’m watching, the show becomes very glitchy.  Audio drops out for 1-2 seconds, screen blurs and skips.

  2. The files of the recorded shows show all of the glitches that happened during the live recording.

Is there a fix on the way for this?  I’d love to utilize the recording to get clean, crisp and clear HD quality files just like any cable company DVR would produce…


  1. Firmware - 3.08.14

  2. Hardware - Hauppauge 950q tuner in usb port recording to internal drive. Also, a 1TB external drive is plugged into the other usb port. HDMI cable. Ethernet cable.

  3. Yes, it happens every time.

  4. Haven’t tried previous firmware because I believe it doesn’t support TV tuners.  Am I right?  Should I try a beta firmware release?

  5. Power cycling does not solve the issue.

  6. Hauppage versions during launch of program:  v1.1.0.30263 and 1.0.3741.30272

One other small issue is that if Live TV is the first thing I turn on when powering up the WD Live Hub, audio doesn’t work.  I have to play a video that is stored on the internal or external drive first and then go to Live TV for audio to work.

Hi, I haven’t used USB tuners yet, but to be sure if the problem is being caused by the WDTV or the USB turner, you could try another brand or model.