Has my WD Book Duo gone faulty?

Have been using my 8Tb (set up as a 4Tb raid drive) for about 18 months for backups, photo storage etc without any problems. I bought from Amazon UK in Oct 2014.

I noticed that the top LED is now flashing red and the LED for drive 1 is a a solid red. I’ve switched it off, taken out and re-seated the drives, switched back on and still have the flashing red top LED and solid red for drive 1.

Quick check with WD Data Lifeguard and Win 10 disk check shows no problems, BUT I think the LEDs are trying to tell me that all is or shortly will not be well with drive 1! Any more diagnostics I can do accurately pinpoint the problem?

Also, with the drive only being 18 months old, wondered if there was still any warranty remaining on it. If so who do I contact, Amazon or WD UK?

Many thanks

Hello, the quick test in the DLG only check the SMART status and a few sectors at the beginning and at the end of the drive, I would recommend you to run a full test on the drive to fully check all sectors.

To check the warranty you just need to go to the link below and put in your serial number.

Amazon usually have a 30 days warranty policy so you will need to contact WD which you can find the information in the link below.