Has my drive failed? What's my best course of action?

Hi, back in November I was really busy with school and work, and noticed a red light on my My Cloud.

It had a whirring-up noise, but would be abruptly cut off, and repeating the whir-cut-whir-cut indefinitely.

I unplugged it and went without a primary backup solution for months, storing the device somewhere safe and cool.

Last week, I plugged the drive back in again to find it the same problem. I think the drive has failed, but I have no idea how to find out. I’m losing really important files on here if so, and am prepared to take it to a data recovery specialist.

The drive was purchased in May, and was in operation from May til November (~5 mo.). It has a 2-year extended warranty, along with I presume is the one year manufacturer’s warranty.

If it’s actually failed, I will have to recover the data expensively at a specialist, but when they tamper with my drive, won’t it void my warranty? If the drive is failed, I don’t know what course of action I should take here.

Can somebody guide me on my two problems? I’m ready to actively monitor this thread and provide any details someone seeks if necessary to help me.


contact WD support to be sure but it sound like the drive died.

Contact WD and request approval to recover your data before RMA. Have it black & white.