Has anyone used a WDTV Live and My Book Studio 6tb?

I have too many 2tb external usb drives, and the WDTV Live only has 2 USB ports.

I was thinking of buying 2 x Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II 6TB Two Bay External Hard Drive with RAID:


Has anyone tried this combination?  Does it work?


Steve W

I would reccomend you go for a WD drive with LAN , hook that to you router , and also your wd tv live to your router. ( hard wired, not on Wifi).

Thats what i have now. 2 x wd tv live, 2 x wd tv livewire , 1 x wd 4TB NAS White light. All working smoothly.

Thanks but no thanks.

I’m not going to set up a router, NAS, etc, etc.

Accessing files through NAs isn’t as convenient as accessing through a USB HDD - I think we all know the limitations, so I won’t go in to that.

Finally, the price of one of these (UK c.£320) vs setting up a network, NAS, etc, there’s no comparrison.

Anyway, back to the My Book Studoo II 6tb.  Has anyone tried one with the WDTV Live?

Steve W