Has anyone gotten the email notification to work?

Tried both gmail and microsoft mail with no luck
Settings: Server auth on
Username & password both valid
smtp.gmail.com or smtp.office365.com,
tried ports 587, 465, and 25, TLS/SSL always checked.
Valid sender, senders address & recipient address…
Anyone get this to work?

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Some routers block server side applications. Might want to create an exception in your routers firewall.

No… and ive tried everything…needs to be fixed in firmware im sure… just like it says to delete non functional cameras but yet there is no way to delete them

Email notifications are working for me to two completely different accounts. One is Verizon (AOL) and one is yahoo. Same setup as you. I typed in port 465. Had some typo issues in the username then had the wrong password. All fixed now.
I am having trouble with the attachments. They won’t download from two different email servers. They Come in as three JPGs in each email and it looks like on my iPad they are about 80K each. Can’t say for sure. That part is truncated.

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I Downloaded the attachments to my PC and they are zero bytes although the email says it is 111 bytes. Still not enough to have any real data So there is no snapshot included in the email notification.

Displays the name of the sender, the subject, and the first two lines of the message. A Desktop Alert doesn’t display the contents of an encrypted or digitally signed message. To view the message, you must open it.

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Anyone get this email notification setup to work with gmail? What are the steps and how do you enable it properly? A working example and step by step would be very helpful to show that this actually works. Thanks

I have 2-step verification on. That means I have to generate a password for an app. First off, make sure you have IMAP accessibility turned on in your gmail.

Go to your gmail, click the settings, the click SEE ALL SETTINGS. Click on the “FORDWARDING AND POP/IMAP” tab. Turn it on there. Then go into MANAGE YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT, then SECURITY, the scroll down to APP PASSWORDS.

So ultimately what you are doing is allowing google to generate some random complex password which will allow access into your account.

THERE YA GO. I LITERALLY just did these steps and I got the email. Enjoy.

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Hi! I tried it, but it doesn’t work correctly for me yet