Has anyone got the HDMI port to work?

I purchased a new 8Tb G-RAID Thunderbolt 3 drive unit a few weeks back to use with a Dell 2 in 1 Laptop, our thinking isthat as it comes with a HDMI port, when the unit is in the office you can plugin an external monitor and give the Laptop more workspace.

The problem is that we cannot get it to work at all, we know that the monitors work, and we have purchased various new cables just in case it was a lead issue, we have tried various costing between £19-£75 and cannot get anything on the monitor.

We then purchased a second drive (as they are useful) and get the same results with this.

Has anyone got the external HDMI port working, and if so how?


Looking at the G-RAID spec sheet … the G-RAID is HDMI HDCP2.2

So, even though your monitors ‘work’ are they HDCP2.2 / HDMI2.0 compliant ? (this applies to the cables you’re using as well)

In order for the HDMI port to work as a pass-through it requires the drive to be attached to the computer via TB3. So if you are plugging it in via the USB-C connection it cannot pass a video signal through the device.

Good evening,

I’m also trying to connect a second screen in hdmi on G-raid but I can not.

I try with a NEC screen and a video assist of blackMagic but no image appears on the screen.

I connect the G-raid usb-c on my macbook pro usb-c and I have nothing, then I try the g-raid usb-c to usb 3 macbook pro (via adapter) and no picture.

Would you tell me how I have to connect the G-raid to be able to have a display on the 2nd screen and with what connectivity.

Thank you

I was looking for the same, thanks for sharing the knowledge!