Hardware encryption

i have a wd my book essential 2 tb,

p/n wdbacw0020hbk-01

s/n [Deleted]

i encrypted my drive with wd smartware, but also i know that wd my book essential models does not have HARDWARE ENCRYPTION.

my question is this model has a HARDWARE ENCRYPTION?

if someone break the case and take the harddrive can he use it or still is it encrypted?

i bought a wd my book 4 tb recently.(WD My Book WDBFJK0040HBK 4TB)

i use it to store my dvd movies and connect it to tv. so i do not turn on encryption.

my question is; if the hard drive case brokes, can i use the hard drive as an internal drive without losing existing data . OR

even if i do not use a password, my book 4 tb have a hardware encryption that do not allow to rescue data 

The models that come with Smartware are hardware encrypted whether you use the Smartware or not. If you take the drive out of the case you cannot retrieve the data by connecting as an internal or using a third party enclosure. If you do manage to get the data it will be encrypted.


thanks for reply but any thing about my second question?

wd my book 4 tb does a passive harddrive encryption? i mean even if i do not put a password, can i use the data inside hard drive with removing it from the case?