Harddrive Not showing up on mac

So my hardrive was working perfectly fine when i plugged it into my mac but i tried playing a video and it was hanging a lot. Then i disconnected it a couple of times and when i plugged it in after a while it isn’t displaying on any of my macs and not even on my windows. Help please!

If your drive has a power adapter, try connecting it to another outlet, directly to the wall, you can also try using an additional USb cable.  From a Windows computer you may try running an Extended Test using DLG.

were you using the drive back and forth between windows?  also what was the drive formatted in?  did you check disk management (windows) or disk utility to see if the drive shows up there?

my drive was formatted to ms-dos fat. It was working perfectly fine and I’m still in a pickle because I’ve tried everything and i can’t seem to find the problem. 

it could be corrupted

go to disk utility and run first aid…