HardDisk warning: Pending Sector Count = 200

Screenshot of CrystalDiskInfo: https://i.imgur.com/Yt9MNkJ.jpg

My hard drive was perfectly fine yesterday morning, CrystalDiskInfo showed no errors at all. I was using the program to monitor the temperature of my new SSD, so I happened to have the health readouts of the drives right in front of me. When I started copying files over to the new SSD it suddenly stopped at 69% and said it “couldn’t read from the source disk”. Then the health indicator for the HDD in CrystalDiskMark turned Yellow/Caution and showed a warning for “Current Pending Sector Count = 200” (Raw data = 1).

I skipped the file it had stopped on and it managed to complete copying the rest of the files. That particular file is now unreadable and the only thing I could do is delete it.

Windows error check shows no errors but when I ran it through WD DataLifeGuard it failed both tests:

Short Test – “Quick Test did not complete. Status Code = 07 (Failed read test element) Failure Checkpoint = 102”.

Extended Test – “Found bad sectors that may be repairable” >> “Unable to Repair Bad Sectors”.

There’s been no other problems before or since (yet), but from what I’m told this error means the drive will only get worse over time.

What should I do about this?

usually when that happens you need to clean the disk by writing zeros across the media, this will allow the disk to clean up any bad sectors

WD DataLifeGuard can clean up the disk for you