Harddisk in exfat how to change to ntfs?

can anyone tell me how to change my external wd harddisk from exfat to ntfs? i tried formatting but its taking soo long to format. eg.it took 15 hours just for 4 % . can anyone help ? any other way ? i dont mind deleting all my files . i just want to use it normally


Formatting the drive should not take more than a few minutes. I recommend you try replacing the USB cable before formatting and/or trying on another computer. You may also try to write zeros to the drive and then formatting it.

If you are doing a full format on a multi-TB drive, it will take a long time. 15 hours is just getting started. All you need to do is kill the partition, repartition it in NTFS and do a quick format. That is what Hamlet means by it only taking a few minutes.

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