Hard Driving FREEZING

Hey so i need help please!  I have a WD external hard drive that i have been using for 6 months now but suddenly today it stopped working properly.  Whenever i plug it into my computer it causes the computer to freeze up until it is unplugged.  Also the usual pop up start screen to unlock the external hard drive doesnt come up because it freezes the computer before it has a chance.  Once i pull the plug from the drive to the computer my computer starts to work again and is instantly unfrozen.  Also the WD external hard drive light is on and is making a spinning noise.  I have no idea what is going on but all my media is on it so it very important that I fix this problem.  PLEASE HELP!!!

I had a similar (not identical) problem a while ago. What finally worked was repairing the drive using DiskWarrior. Apple’s Disk Utility couldn’t fix it.

The thing is getting lucky enough so you can launch DiskWarrior…something that seems more difficult for you from your description of the problem.

Mine would freeze but somehow I managed to launch the app in between the freezing syndrome.

One thing you may try is to disconnect the drive and unplug it from the wall (ups, power strip etc)… restart your computer and then power up the drive without connecting it to the usb port… then after 10-15 seconds plug it into a different usb port.

This may work well enough for you to at least launch DiskWarrior.