Hard Drive Partition?.

I have a Western Digital 5 TB hard drive. When I installed it into an older computer I was only able to format it to 2TB. It is my master hard drive for the computer. I am looking to build a new case computer. It will have an SSD and a hard drive. Is there a way to expand the hard drive presently formatted at 2 TB to 5 TB without data loss? I want to use it for data storage and a booth drive for Win 7 when I need it.

Which will happen if your PC doesn’t support UEFI (Older computers have BIOS)

and most older computers don’t support GPT (GUID Partition Table) and only support MBR (Master Boot Record) which has a Maximum capacity of 2TB. Which you drive has been formatted to.

Yes. When you have your new computer that supports UFEI and GPT

Google … MBR to GPT without data loss

there are several ways (in Windows and 3rd Part Software) to perform it.

having said that, always keep a backup of your data ‘in case’ something goes wrong. (with your new computer build, invest in an external hard drive to keep a backup of your data for peace of mind.)