Hard drive not recognized do i

I just formatted my machine, i went to put xp pro back in & it says i don’t have a drive? so i try to download a driver, but it also didn’t work (wrong driver)?  … I really am frustrated as my kids need the computer for school, now i can’t get the XP pro back into the drive. Can any tell how to get this up & going for my poor kids? I have a model- wd400bb- 00dga0 . Any instruction would be appreciated - thanks again in advance :frowning:

Hi what has happened is that windows xp does not have the sata drivers. When you install xp it asks do you have any third party drivers to install you have those drivers on a 1.44 meg a drive and you point it to that drive. To get the sata drivers we need to know what motherboard you have or go to your motherboard manufactures web site and download them put them on the A disk and follow the instructions I gave you. Or you can set the bios to ide mode but you will lose performance on the sata drive.

The WD400BB is a 40GB IDE (PATA) drive. As such, there is no SATA driver issue. Instead I would confirm whether the drive shows up in BIOS with its correct model number and full capacity.

I would also test it with a bootable version of WD’s Data LifeGuard.

Hi ahh sorry I guess 40 gig ide just slipped right by me have not seen one in awhile. What has worked for me before is just to unplug the ide cable and plug it back in to remake the connection.