Hard drive not formatted do you want to format

I have 4TB (My Book) which consist of two physical 2TB WD hard drives. The initial problem was ‘the disk is not formatted, do you want to format?’ I didn’t format. I tried to use ‘testdisk’ utility program to fix the problem. Whenever I start testdisk utility it selects " [EFI GPT]  EFI GPT partition map <Mac i386, x86_64…>"  automatically unlike “[Intel] Intel/PC partition” when I use it on lower capacity drive. May be I did something wrong, the drive is now showing “129MB unallocated and 3725.89GB RAW” space in windows disk management. I have been battling with this for the past three month. It is driving me crazy because of the huge information in it. Please guys, help me out.


Drive appears to be corrupted, if you have informaiton on the drive that you need to recover, you may try with a data recovery software.

After getting your files, you can go ahead and format the drive so it will fix the partitions.

may help you


I have had one amazing success story of data recovery with “Hirens BootCD”, under its Linux option, in the default boot mode. The drive was not even recognized under Windows most of the time. In fact, Windows mostly wouldn’t even boot if this (data) drive was connected.Test Disk reported nothing but read errors. Find and Mount found no partitions.

You can find the ISO for the CD here:


A description of what I went through is here-


I know the feeling of lost data all too well. I had given up on my “dead drive” when a friend turned me on to this CD. Besides multiple boot choices, it has dozens of freeware utilities on it which are easily accessed through a menu system.

Best of luck!

What RAID type did you have? if it was RAID 0 (Stripe) for full space, sorry to be blunt but consider the data gone.

You may follow this step by step guide which is useful: recover data from not formatted hard drive