Hard Drive malfunction with windows 7

I have a huge problem with my windows 7 files and i have talked to some people about this problem and all leads to the hard drive

I started having problems after a week of gettign a new computer (only a Week old)

My winsta.dll file began to not work, and all my friends tryed to help me out with fixed and we couldnt find anything, even after reinstalling all my drivers and updateing them, Nothing.
I reinstalled windows 7 and downloaded my drivers, and let about 3 games download overnight, when i woke up in the morning it had a blue screen with the file wimFsf.sys was having a problem, the only solution that we could do was, redownload windows 7. I did this and downloaded my drivers and my anti virus software.

my Explorer.exe file had stop working with the code (0xc000007b) and when i ran it in my task manager it still did the same with, i also tryed to repair and the blue screen came back.

I tryed to get on my computer to see if there was a firmware update that i could get for it but windows wouldnt load even after 10 minutes.

Can anyone help me out?
Hard Drive is (WD5000AAKS 500GB WD Caviar Blue)
This Drive was also used in my previous computer as a secondary drive.

I would now get the Data Life Guard Diagnostic tool and check the drive completely.   I would not “suspect” the drive is causing your problems but the RAM could be the cause.