Hard Drive Keeps Disappearing

I recently purchased the Live and I first plug in my external hard drive and it works great. After a day it disappears and says nothing is plugged in. If I reset the device, it works again but it has to scan everything again and I lose all my settings. Today, I was wathing a show and when it finished it gave me the message that the media source is no longer connected, even though it was literally just playing a show.

Anyway to fix this? I’m not removing the USB drive or anything.

You may check the drive for errors in a  computer.  If no errors are detected you can try updating your WD TV Live to its latest firmware, then perform an additional reset.

Hi, new here. I purchased the wd live 2 months ago basically because its the best option for 1.netflix, & SPOTIFY on my tv and surround system. I figured the networking part was a novelty.  But, i have become a huge media file user again now that i can access all my media from the couch.  BUT, as with every great new media device, aka DADDY TOY, there are issues. My biggest problem is every few days the wd live no longer reads my usb connected seagate 1TB harddrive. I usually just unplug/re-plug the HDD power supply and the wd live then re-reads all the files. But i have like 400 gb of files and it takes a long time to read all the files. This renders this feature basically useless to me since i dont have hours everyday for the wdlive to re-read all my files.  Is there anyway to fix this? Ive thought about using a smaller non-powered drive but that seems to kill the whole point of having all my files available from my couch.  Im far from a techie but im not a pc novice either. I have had every version of windows since 3.1 and ive learned that some things no matter how hyped simply dont work in practical everyday use. This is where apple has and continues to crush windows in everyway. Apple programs and devices simply work. Im learning that the hard way with my new HTC Android phone (switched from an iphone 3gs). Ok im drifting, so is there a way to fix this HDD disconnecting issue or is my HDD corrupted or worse contain a virus. Any help is appreciated.  Im still very happy with my wd live either way. Spotify is great and is the music service my family uses. Having this service with all my playlists on the tv/surround system is worth the small price i paid.  Thanks, Anthony

I am experiencing the same problem. I am nearing a month with this device and would like to keep it, but this is more or less a deal breaker. I have a 2TB Hitachi external USB hard drive with around 4000 songs, 1000 videos, and 4000 photos. Rescanning is simply not an option. I don’t understand why once the media library is built, it must recompile when the device is removed and reconnected, especially since I rarely add/remove files or folders. I’m not even removing the device. I believe the hard drive is going into sleep or standby mode when not accessed after a certain amount of time, causing it to lose connection with the WD box.

This is my first post. I rarely if ever participate in forum discussions as I typically don’t feel like I have the time or substance  to contribute. I hope this speaks to my level of frustration and determination at this point.

My firmware is also up to date…