Hard Drive Freezes - Velociraptor 1500 HLFS

Hello. I’ve been having some trouble with my WD hard drive recently. Once every hour or so every program I’m running will freeze up for around 30 seconds. Typically I just have firefox, ventrilo and an online game open, but it also occurs when I only have one program running. I have winamp installed on a second hard drive, which also holds all my songs and movies, but when the WD hard drive freezes up, winamp continues playing with full accesibility.

When the other programs freeze up, the screen for them goes grey and I’m unable to type any commands into them to get a response. In ventrilo, for instance, it’ll grey out and I won’t hear the transmit click or get a response from people in the channel when I press my push to talk hotkey.

The issue first started six months ago, but I had another hard drive with windows on it and instead of troubleshooting it then I just used the other hard drive. Unfortunately, that one has recently crashed on me, so I need to fix the issue on my WD drive. It’s a much better drive anyway and is much better for the game I play. That I didn’t get the error at all on the other hard drive, every other piece of hardware being the same, makes me think somethings wrong with my WD drive.

I ran the SMART test and long test of Data Lifeguard for Windows but it passed both of those. I talked to support on the phone and they said they’d send me a new one, but I don’t want to do that unless I absolutely have to. Thanks for any help.

Well my friend, If the drive p**bleep**ed both the Quick and the Extended Test with Data LifeGuard Diagnostics there is no doubt the drive is not de issue, I would re-test it just to make sure, even try running the drive on a different computer and backing up the files and reinstalling and update all the programs. Replacing the drive is always the easiest way around but since it came out fine on the test probably you will have the same thing going