Hard drive for storing photos

i have 1000’s of photos on a internal hard drive, i am wanting to add a second hard drive and use the new one as a back up, what do people recommend for storing photos? Red or Black or maybe the gold? it wont be accessed all the time, all i want is to copy photos over to the new one as a second backup

i have 3 Backups of everything … just using basic WD Elements drives (which are either Green or Blue internally in the enclosures.)

Red and Blacks are designed for specific tasks … eg. NAS (Red) and Performance (Black) and cost More than basic storage (which sounds like all you’re wanting … ie. piece of mind)

Personally, i’ve been buying Western Digital Hard Drives for the last 10+ years … haven’t had a single one fail on me. So, they’re all ‘Reliable’ IMO … but, if it’s just basic storage for backups, then no need to pay extra for premium red, black, gold