Hard Drive deleting files by itself - Please Help

I have a 2TB My Passport Ultra Hard Drive and it’s been acting up. I use it to store all my photos and videos and I’ve had it for about 2 months now. It’s had some weird behaviours before sure as not working in USB 3 Ports on multiple computers, which is a whole other issue, but now the drive is starting to either delete or hide files - I’m unsure. But now mutliple files from different locations in the drive aren’t showing up and years and years of work is completely gone. Is this a malfunctioning drive or is it something in windows (The files don’t show up when drive is in both Mac or PC) Please help.


If the drive is used on both Mac and Windows, it must be formatted as exFat.
Run the Data Lifeguard tool and check the drive for errors http://downloads.wdc.com/windlg/WinDlg_v1_31.zip
Now, the drive itself may be OK but the exFat file system may have problems.