Hard drive dedicated to one Mac only? Recognized by one device, not the other

Hello Community :slight_smile:

I have an issue. I have dedicated my harddrive to the backup of my photography and music. Having some on my iMac and others on my MacBook Pro, I have backed up from both devices on the same harddrive, using WD’s smart solution (can’t remember the exact name). So far, so good.

I now try to re-connect my HD to the iMac and the MacBook (needing to get some music back on my iMac); the latter recognizes the HD, but not the iMac… I have tried the following:

  • Rebooting the iMac -> fail

  • Rebooting the HD -> fail

  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the HD, checking connections -> fail

Any help would be welcome! Thanks in advance


What’s the drive files system? Are you using NTFS 3G in one of those computers? 

Hello Nesvic,

I don’t know, I couldn’t find out the info by right-clicking on the HD’s info, couldn’t find how to figure it out either in the help section… 

Could you (also) help out for that?? :confused:

Thanks in advance!

are you running time machine on one of the computers, and smartware on another, to do your backups?  cause smartware and time machine won’t play well on the same drive.

Woops sorry Wayne, did not see you reply because EVERY time you want to be warned about an answer you have to check the subscrption box (which is a bit silly, if you want to follow a threat, you should be able to do that once only).

Anyway, no, I’m not using time machine at all.

And still haven’t found a solution, which is getting really frustrating.

Thanks in advance for any future help…

you know, you might want to give tech support a call.  you may have to answer a few more questions before anyone can figure out what you’re doing.

Yeah good point Wayne, I’ll do that. Thanks.