Hard Drive Compatibility - WD Velociraptor

Hi all

I’m looking to upgrade my PC a little and want to buy a 600GB Velociraptor. I’ve currently got an old Raptor (150GB) which is happily plugged into my Asus P5N32 - E-SLI board. I’m not quite ready to upgrade my MB and processor yet. Will the Velociraptor be compatible with my current setup?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello there,

I would suggest you to contact the vendor of the computer or motherboard to determine what capacity or connection type hard drive your computer or motherboard will support. Usually, as long as the interface (SATA or EIDE) is the same, you should not have a problem. However, you may run into a system limitation issue. Computer Operating Systems and the system BIOS have separate limitations related to specific drive capacities. The limitations that you typically encounter are 137GB, 32GB, and 8.4GB. To find out what capacity your system supports, you would have to discuss this with your system or motherboard manufacture.

you won’t have problem

because the specification between 150GB and 600GB remain same

it just capacity change, and on hardware maybe just more platter (2 or 3 platter)

so far the only time you want to check compability whether your mobo support or not is when you want to use 3TB harddrive

it because BIOS limited to 2TB, so it need sort of bios patch

while new system will/should come with UEFI (bios replacement) that don’t have 2TB limitation 

Thanks for the replies - I’ll double check with Asus but I think I’ll give it a go. 150GB is too small for a C drive :slight_smile: