Hard drive can't be read by computer

I have a 1Tb usb 4.0 external hard drive that, when connected to any computer, won’t be read by it.
Windows explorer will show the loading bar at the top for an infinitely long amount of time and will never open the hard drive to view the files inside.

If the hard drive is disconnected and reconnected, windows explorer will show additional instances of that device, and will not be able to open any of them.

While the hard drive is connected, windows explorer cant open any programs or files, and the internet speed slows to unusable to speeds (240p videos on youtube wont buffer or load and new pages cant be opened)

This seems like it might be a memory issue, however my computer has 8Gb of ram and only has this problem when trying to view the hard drive. No other devices (including another hard drive) or programs/games cause this issue.

This problem also occurs on my old laptop (which it used to work properly on) and another computer. Both have 8Gb of ram.

The hard drive used to work on my computer and just suddenly stopped. I don’t recall any updates being done to my computer before the problem began. And after i did a windows OS reinstall, the problem still persists. The hard drive has also never been dropped.


By your concern it look like your hard drive is defected or closed to die, so here is the recommendation to test the hard drive. you can run the test by clicking on following below links-

I have this same problem. I just received a 8TB MyDrive a few days ago, plugged it in, and nothing came up. In disk management you can see it, but it says it’s not initialized. Also, when I run a quick test in the data lifeguard diags it says 08-Too many bad sectors detected. What do I do about this? Who do I contact?