Hard Disk Not Working

Few days ago I was working with my pendrive for copying,but I was getting trouble as my laptop keeps on prompting “Not Responding”.After a restart laptop keep on freezing at windows 7 logo so i did some google to find some help .I came across Diagnostic tool in my Dell Laptop which showed error regarding hard drive.Today I found about WD Lifeguard which also shows error 0108 .
How can a working HDD got dead suddenly.Is there any way to make it work again .
As I checked the warranty which is expired I can’t go for replacement .
Help me please. 

Hi Ajaxx. Sorry to hear about your hard drive. Unfortunately, sometimes drives just fail without warning. A hard drive is a mechanical device just like a car. Sometimes it gives a warning, some sometimes it just stops working.

If you need to get the data off the drive you may be able to slave the drive in another computer to see if it can read any data off it. If not, then you may need to contact a data recovery company to see if they can retrieve any information for you. If you don’t need any data on the drive, then you may just need to purchase a new once since your existing drive is out of warranty. I included a link below to some data recovery companies that we are partnered with. Some of them will give a free consultation or maybe a discount on data recovery.

Data Recovery