Hard Disk not recognised

Hi, I have a WD Elements external hard disk (model Elements 10A8), and once I connect it to my laptop is not working. The hard disk makes the sound of recognisition and its white light is turned on but the laptop does’nt recognise its content. The administrator of disks doesn’t recognise it neither a letter is assigned to it. Once I open the window of Devices and Printers of Windows system, the hard disk appears in the category of Unknown. But I cannot open it to see its content or anything…
It appears this message to me:

The USB device cannot be recognised. Warning: the last usb device connected to this computer didn’t work successfully and Windows cannot recognise it.

I don’t know what to do, can you help me please??

Thank you


I suggest you use Knowledge Base and search for ID 1164 and note the warning about not using an USB Hub.