Hard Disk not readable in my laptop but readable in other HP system only

Hi All,

I am using My passport ultra 1TB harddisk from last more than 1.5 years in my Ubuntu Machin.

after purchasing the same changes(In properties options of Harddisk) some setting to it and that was Readable in my laptop only.

yesterday I take the backup from my file and change my operating system to Window 7 64 bit. Lenovo thinkpad

and now when I am connecting my Harddisk to it , it is not readable in it.  I checked the same to many laptop of my collouges but it is not readable. Today when I tried to checked it in another person HP machine window 7 64 bit  it was readable.

Could any body assist me , how it will be readable in my laptop or what I need to install exactly.

I troubleshoot from myself and getting error "Error “Windows Cannot load device driver code 31”

Thanks in advance.




It is possible the partition is corrupted.

Try formatting the drive.

How to partition and format a WD drive on Windows (8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac OSX

I have a  similar problem.  WD My Passport Ultra 1TB.  It works okay on a XP SP3 desktop and a Win 7 64 bit Ultimate desktop but not on a Dell N5050 laptop with Win 7 64 bit Ultimate.  It does not show up in Device Manager. I checked the USB drivers an Win 7 says they are current.

Hi Hamlet,

Thanks a lot for you valuable comments.

but Disk managment options is not highlighting.

I also want to highlight that when I change my data cable(2.0 previously using 3.0 USB)  than its working fine in my system too.

If any solution for the same too.

Thanks in advance.



I have the same problem - It’s a new My book 6 T.
In my desktop PC with windows 7 - the HD is read only (I checked in 2 computers).
In laptop with windows 10 - it’s work fine.
Any solution please.