Hard Disk not initialized fatal error

I have WD 1 TB portable hard disk. When I connected this with my laptop, it opened up initially prompting me to scan for errors But then it froze. Upon restarting the same never appeared in My Computer but I can see the same in disk manager and device manager. I have tried every single method to get it work but failed. I do not want to loose this. Please let know if any way to save my hard disk.

Sure, it seems like your WD 1 TB portable hard disk is giving you some trouble. It’s great that you can still see it in the disk manager and device manager, so there’s hope. Let’s try a few things to get it back on track. First, we can try assigning it a new drive letter in the Disk Management settings. Sometimes, just giving it a little nudge can do the trick. If that doesn’t work, we can check if the drivers need updating or reinstalling by going to the Device Manager. If it’s still being stubborn, we might need to consider using some data recovery software like recuva or stellar data recovery software to try to retrieve your files. If you’re still having no luck, we can give the disk a check for errors through the disk management tools. However, if none of these work, reformatting might be the last resort, but just remember, this will wipe all your data. If you have any important files, it’s a good idea to seek professional data recovery services. Don’t worry, all the best!

Hi Amelia,

Thanks for the revert. I have tried all the steps and it is still not working. When try to update the drivers, it says it has updated drivers. Also, There is no option to format. Tried using Recuva also but this is giving error as it cannot read the drive. Stellar reads the files but asking huge amount to recover the files.

I am ok to reformat but no success with even that as well. I have uploaded more screenshots which might be helpful.

Thanks for all your help.

Harish Kumar

Hi Harish,

I understand your concerns, and I’m sorry to hear that the suggested solutions haven’t been effective in resolving the issue with your WD 1 TB portable hard disk. It’s unfortunate that the data recovery software hasn’t been successful and that the cost for using Stellar is prohibitive.

Considering the situation, it might be worthwhile to seek the assistance of a professional data recovery service as they have the necessary expertise and tools to handle complex data retrieval cases. Although the cost might be high, it could be the most reliable option for recovering your important files.

If you’re considering reformatting the drive, please proceed with caution as this will result in the loss of all data on the disk. You should be able to initiate the reformatting process through the Disk Management tool, but it’s crucial to ensure that you have a backup of any critical files before proceeding.

I hope this information helps, and I sincerely hope you can find a suitable solution for your hard disk issue. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards,