Hard disk issues with brand new MCM

Hi There,
I got a My Cloud Mirror 8TB 2 days ago. When I first started it, volume 1 was already showing a red LED. I was able to fix that with formatting the volume and set again to RAID1. Afterwards I downloaded the latest firmware.
2 days it was working fine and I upoloaded approx 300GB of data. But then suddenly volume 1 shows again red light and did not work anymore. As I have enabled email notification and I got several emails with code 0004, 0201and 0208. What helped again was formatting the whole thing again and the disk works fine again. Does anyone know what to do or shall I just bring it back and get a replacement?
I was really thinking of Synology but as I read in one of the threads it uses its own file format I was not so happy with this therefore I got the MCM. But seems to work awful.
Thanks, Lorna


This is not normal. Try running a “Full Test” which tests each and every sector of the hard drives and “System Test” that reviews the health of the device hardware.