Hard disk disconnects frequently

Whenever i connect my hard disk to USB, it disconnects when lifted up or even disturbed a bit. What can be the problem?

I have the same problem.  It appears to be a crappy connection via the micro B connector.  I’m contacting support tomorrow.   For being a portable drive, it shouldn’t be that sensitive.


If the drive is getting disconnected frequently, try using the different USB cable and also try on a different USB port on the system.

If the same issue pertain then try on the different computer, if the drive works fine on a different computer, then you need to get a Power Boost Cable(Special USB cable) in which one end connects to the hard Drive and the other end goes to the 2-USB ports on the computer.

I am also facing the same problem…

Its quite irritating one… While copying data it gets disconnected freqently :(…

I tried it on other computers… same problem…

Many a times some sound like of switching/ sparking type occurs in my WD external drive…,

I am also facing one more problem… when I copy from my WD disk to a pen drive, I get very low transfer speed(3-4MB/s). Any solution to speed up the process… When I copy from WD to my laptop I get fair speed(30MB/s)

call WD Support, they’ll send you a new cable.  I didn’t think it would fix the disconnect problem, but it has for me.

I suspect that one of your usb ports is only USB 1.1 and not USB 2.0, that would account for transfer speed issues. 

Deseipel is right

just click the link below to contact the WDC support, they will send you a replacement cable for free.

WDC Support

hope it will be useful :slight_smile: