Hanging when streaming from wdtv live hub

Hi guys
I have a wdtv live hub in my room
Connected via wdtv live wire to my wdtv live in my living room
Everythig was great for the past year, but recently when on my wdtv live streaming a movie from
Wdtv live hub, the movie hangs every few minutes and i have to exit and re enter to resume
This is very frustrating, anyone with a solution?
Thanks as usual :slight_smile:

Hi, does it happen with all the movies? You could try to pressing the reset on the livewire and the wdtv. 

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Thanks for the reply, but wont the reset button reset both devices to factory default?

If so, will it delete all my movies on the WDTV live hub?

A reset does not delete movies.

Can I stream in both