Had the WDTV gen 1 got the WDTV LIve and now endless problems

I had the wdtv live gen1 from when it first came out and thought it was great so i decided to sell that and grab the WDTV live for the Internet video and generally thought a newer version would be better but from when i plugged it in i had the colour problems where my thumbs looked 8bit  and generally the picture was really dark, i updated to the beta which seems to fix the colour problem although it seems a little dark still but now i cant get through any video without the sound cutting out about 30 mins into it or the video just stopping or restarting and i have tv shows that worked before and now i get it jumping every 4 seconds and freezing. i know the update is only a beta and will have problems but i have 2 days on my returns policy and i need to decided if i return it and see if i can find a wdtv gen 1 or 2 or hold out and hope this new firmware fixes it.

Is there any update when this firmware will be released and are these known problems.


Probably in a week, or two, at most.

Well i sent the live back and bought a wdtv gen 2 (this now being my 5th WDTV in all) and it has the same problem the gen1 seems to be the the only thing that will kind of work and the gen 2 and live are poor products from WD.

Is there going to be an update for the gen 2 to fix the colour problem and the fact you cant play anything!

This is stupid, poor service and products from WD.

Well thanks to amazon and the “brilliant” quality of products from WD i now have 3 WDTV’s the Live, gen 2 and gen 1, this being 6Th in total after manging to grab a WDTV gen 1 at my local comet yesterday.

firstly the WDTV live is poor product and because the gen 2 is the same thing inside this to to poor too, i advise know one to buy it as the support is terrible and the pure fact a newer version of a product is worse.

While having the 3 products i have compared them all against each other and i don’t know how western digital did it but the gen 1 is the only one that’s OK, it plays everything fine, the colour is fine and does what its supposed to do, its only let down is the speed, there is no digital decoding but you can fix that by converting it before you put it on your hard drive and maybe some times you have to chick play twice on a film but big deal.

Compared to the new versions the movie files that wouldn’t play on the WDTV live and gen2 play great and without problems on the gen 1 and feel WD shouldn’t just forget about any future firmwares and try and see if if they can make better and sort the few problems it has, saying that though, from there track record it probably seems they would just make it worse and you would only have to use the current working firmware anyways.

WD this really is poor from yourselves and a product should never be released to the market before thoroughly tested when this is only damaging your brand, future sales and the reputation of yourselves, if it is a fix should be done as soon a possible and customer support should be number one.

If you think that WD products are so bad why do you keep buying them.

Like I said, I had the WDTV gen 1 and that was fine, i decided to get the live because I was impressed by it and I doubt anyone would think a company would bring a worse product out, untested and that doesn’t work as good as its predecessor, plus the fact of  there was going to be no future firmware for the gen 1.

Hard to believe all of those WD Live boxes were bad.  :dizzy_face:  Might me the way you are connecting to your monitor.

My first gen 1, the HDMi connection just didn’t work out of the box,  tried changing the cable but still nothing got a replacement Gen 1 and it worked fine then after a while it happened again got a replacement for that one also gen 1.

Had the WDTV Gen 1 for a while, thought it was fine bit slow but when i saw the live was out i thought that would be a better product, a friend wanted to buy mine of me so i bough the live and sold that one, Now come on would anyone think that a company as big in the market would bring out a product that works worse than its previous version?

The Live from the start didn’t work, i had the colour problems but then i started playing films that i know worked on the gen 1 and they didn’t work, films would cut out, audio would go, or it would say unsupported format. This is what i am on about this is poor from WD. i updated to the beta firmware and it fixed the colour problem but  i still couldn’t watch anything, so i got the Gen 2 and it was the same product inside as the live so it had the same problems with the colour and films not playing.

I managed to find a Gen 1 and pick that up and i’m happy with it, I have managed to send the others back now so all that trouble for nothing. most of my problems were down to the HDMI connection as this is a cheap component that was obviously used to keep the cost down.

I just don’t think the GEN 2 or Live should of been brought to market without proper testing, WD got greedy, wanted a product out quick to secure sales, it almost feels like they they have made there sales and don’t care if its not doing what it should. WD should be updating you all, apologising and doing something quicker for everyone who has purchased a Gen 2 or live not bring out a Live Plus and again trying to secure sales, the time should of been spent of developing  a new firmware and testing the product.  

But i suppose thats what they do, we had the Gen 1 they brought out the Gen 2 people said it had problems so they dangled the WDTV Live in front of everyone who had problems hoping to make sales, but then that had problems now they have the Live plus to dangle in front of us.

Its simple they are doign very little (beta) to address the problems customers have with products already purchased because it doesn’t make them any money.

I think I’ll play the Devil’s Advocate here.  :)  I’ve had my WD TV Live for 5 months.  I must admit, I’m one of the few users here who is happy with the product. 

It has its quirks–like when it didn’t recognize my WDElements 1.5TB drive with its latest firmware.  I was able to work around it by repartitioning the drive (although now I feel I could have reformatted the drive to obtain the same results).  But, I also watch my movies from either a USB stick or my external drive that I’ve just mentioned, which spares me the aggrevation of having to set up network shares, dealing with internet authentication issues and putting up with lagging or out-of-sync audio problems. 

For me, it does what it’s supposed to do–play all my movies and shows (.mkv, .mp4, .avi, and iso).  Once I’m done with it, I eject the stick, turn off the unit and and just pull the plug on it until my next session with it.  But, like I said, it does have its quirks, which I’m sure I have avoided by simply playing properly formatted media it expects through a USB stick.

I think it’s a great little unit that solved my problem of how to play my media on my TV.

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I am happy to, the only problem I had is with AAC, and I hope they will fix it. I never had this kind of problem, for me it works fine