[Guide] Free up some resources on hacked MBL

Hi all,

Many of us are running hacked MBLs. I, personally, have very little use for most of the multimedia capabilities that the MBL offers - I have other services installed for that. Unfortunately, WD did not take that into account when designing their services.

One daemon, mediacrawler has the nasty habit of usign all available resources at inconvenient times. Fortunately, I have a single-line command that can be used to temporarily disable/re-enable mediacrawler on demand.

To stop:

kill -STOP `ps -ef | grep mediacrawler | cut -b 10-14`

 NOTE: The ` characters are the break character, on the tilde (~) key.

To restart:

kill -CONT `ps -ef | grep mediacrawler | cut -b 10-14`

If it returns an error, then mediacrawler likely was not running, for some reason.

I’m not sure what effect this has on the operation of the WD services. As I said, I don’t use them. Use at your own risk.

EDIT : As pointed out by Kawara, you can also disable the WD remote services if you do not use them. If, for example, you do not need to remotely access your files, or you use another method such as FTP or OwnCloud, you likely do not need or want WD’s remote features. At that point, they’re just pure overhead.

Log into the WD dashboard (http://mybook/UI). Open the Settings page, and navigate to the Remote Access menu. Uncheck  the Enable box.

On the Media page, you can disable Twonky and the iTunes server.

For those interested, some WD periodic functions seem to be AJAX-based, rather than cronjobs. So they only run when a user interacts with the Dashboard UI.

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Another method,

update to latest firmware.

goto Dashboard

untick everything under Remote access and media then all WD’s fancy service all gone.

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