Guest user has write permissions and cannot be configured


I just installed my first WD myCloud EX2 Ultra and I am very unhappy with Guests connecting to the drive have write-access to the folders that are enabled by media-sharing as well as usb drives. There is no guest user available in the user settings where one could adjust the rights and also when trying to add a user with the name “guest”, the software denies it, because there is already a guest user in the system of course, its just not visible to the user/admin.
This is a security issue, please help me out with that, I cannot accept that a guest user has all permissions to write and delete files on my NAS.
Running actual firmware 2.31.149 .
Thank you,


Hello david0n,

Guest users have read and write access for Public Share on My Cloud. In order to prevent Guests to access Public Shares, you need to disable Public which turn it to Private then provide specific permissions to users.