Guest network assign IP-address in wrong network

I have setup my N900 behind my DSL-modem. The DSL-modem runs the DHCP. The N900 provides the WiFi. My PC (and all other devices) connects via WiFi/Ethernet to the N900. Please don’t aks me why I have this setup.

When I use the 'normal’network, the PC (and all other devices) get a MAC-based IP-address in the 192.168.2 network.

However, when I use the guest network on that PC, it gets an IP-address in the 192.168.252 network !? Result : no internet access when using guest network.

I would expect the guest network only affects the WiFi-connectivity (not the TCP/IP level of communication). Any ideas on :

  • why I get an IP-address in a different network

  • how to correct this

Thanks for any advice !

Hi utsjaermets, you might want to review the steps to setup the My Net as an access point. Check page 68 of the manual for the steps.


thank you for the advice, I’ll give it a try.

I am confused somewhat by a remark in that manual (on page 68) :

“To use the router in extender mode, the router must be connected by wire to your computer.”

Why is that ? It is a wireless AP, why need a wire ?

Tried this but in AP-mode no guest network capability is offered (menu item gone).

Hi utsjaermets, please check your private messages.