Guest Access Won't Enable

We have MyNet 900.

2.4GHz band is enabled.

5GHz band is NOT enabled.

Set up Guest Access for 2.4GHz band. Gave it a new name instead of default name. Gave it a password. Clicked on SAVE.

But when i return to main router screen it says Guest Access “Disabled”, and when i turn on my laptop the Guest Access name is not listed among available networks.

Went back and double-checked all settings and clicked SAVE. Still shows Disabled on main router screen and doesn’t appear as an available network on laptop wireless.

Any suggestions on what i’m doing wrong, please?


Try a factory restore.

Check page #67 of the user’s manual.

As mentioned in my original message, we had 2.4GHz Wireless ON, and 5.0GHz Wireless was turned OFF.

As soon as i changed 5.0GHz Wireless to ON then Guest Access was available.

So, it appears that we must enable BOTH the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands in order for Guest Access to work.

You might want to check that out yourself since you didn’t mention it as a possible solution.


Andrew M.