Grrrr, I'm having all sorts of problems with my MBL

I just moved and Comcast gave me a new SMC gateway. Initially, when i set everything up I could access my files, but Time Machine couldn’t see the MBL. Then I updated the firmware. After the MBL rebooted, It just sat with a solid red LED and was not mounted in Finder. I could acces the control panel via Safari.  When i unplugged then replugged the Ethernet cable, the MBL would mount in Finder, then disappear. Then I unplugged the power and Ethernet cables and let it sit overnight. When I reconnected everything the MBL rebooted and now has a dull flashing green LED. It’s not mounted in Finder and cannot be access via Safari. It’s been like this for 2 days.

Also, WD 2go hasn’t been able to connect.

Lastly, I have a 2010 Mac mini w/ Lion and all software/firmware is up-to-date.

Any idea’s?

You mentioned: “dull flashing green LED”. I wonder if this is a fault with the hardware?

When the MBL does an automatic formware upgrade then the MBL does everything internally ith the browser just showing the status of the upgrade.

Actually it’s more of a firmware replacement than upgrade.