GREEN light on MBL but WD2go states OFFLINE?

Well I finally managed to get it working thanks to @ nfodiz

I set up a static IP on the Dashboard and on my Sky Router, however for some reason the dashboard keeps switching it back to DHCP. My Sky router though has no problem accepting this and kept the IP address secured for it.
 - any suggestions to why it maybe doing this?

I have also disable sleep mode, as I have read those who run Apple machines are having issues once the device goes into hibernation to wake it back up. However this morning the light is still green but from my WD2Go I can’t connect to it “DEVICE IS INACCESSIBLE” and can’t access from my shared locations on Mac. This thing is I can here the drive making noises so I know its awake.

I know I can reboot it, but it seems to keep doing this and won’t have the opportunity to reboot the device if im trying to access the device remotely

any suggestions welcomed!