Green led blinking after password reset


until yesterday my MBL 1TB was working well (used with 3 pc’s XP Vista en Win7)…

because I wanted to use WD2GO on my phone, I needed the password which I had lost…

So I did a reset with a green blinking light as a result.

Have done 2 more reset attempts - no luck. Tried other router port. Restart router. All without result. 

MBL starts up blue-amber-then flashing green - WD disk detection connot detect the drive.

When I try the shortcut on the pc the answer I get is that the address is wrong. Windows problem solving is suggesting it could be a DNS issue? As all other connections and internet is working fine, 

dashboard cannot be reached with Chrome/Firefox/Expl

hope anyone can give me some advice to get  it back to work?


are you trying to reach the dashbaord by typing in the IP address that your router’s DHCP assigned to the MBL?

using the ip address gives : chrome cannot connect to “given ip address”

nevertheless I see the MBL in the norton network security map as “offline”