Greek subtitles

how  coul be greek  subtitles displayed ncorrectly ?

There were some issues with the greek subtitles in an earlier firmware version. Have you updated to the latest firmware for your model? What model WD TV do you have?

Hello. I have the same problem, i.e., Greek Subtitles are not displayed correctly. I just bought it 2 days ago. Perhaps I need to upgrade the firmware or Greek are not supported at alla? (in which case I am doomed, lol) Thanks in advance people

You’re not doomed but you can use txt2vobsub to make idx/sub from your srts as a workaround.

Thank you techflaws, I will try it. The weird part here is that Greek subs worked in the previous firmware but in the latest one (yikes). Question: if I convert .srt to .idx, wont I still have the same problem though? (WD will not read Greek)?

**bleep**, it seems like a dead end here…

Vobsubs (idx/sub) are bitmap images that are layed over the video so you can have any character you want since the Live only needs to render the picture.

Sounds a great idea. Will try it and let you know. Thanks for the help!

Try this. I have a problem woth Korean subtitle but I fixed with this.

To convert subtitle files encoded in a different format, open the file with Notepad and do a Save As with the
following parameters: File Type—All Files and Encoding—UTF-8.

Hope this helps.

hmm, sounds interesting as I tried converting to sub/idx and still had the same problem. I will try this too. Thank you very much both, will reply with the results tomorrow! 

I’d be interested about UTF-8 as well but if you had the same problems with idx/sub it means that your srt had the wrong format to begin with.

To convert subtitle files encoded in a different format, open the file with Notepad and do a Save As with the
following parameters: File Type—All Files and Encoding—UTF-8.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! all .srt files where in ANSI format. As soon as I saved them as UTF-8, everything worked fine. Thanks a lot all of you! appreciate it!

I got this produxt yesterday and I was very sutisfied until the moment I tried to see a movie with Greek subtitles (.srt).

What a disappointment!

So, I have to say I would never bought it if I new that.

And something else to the WD company. If you are selling your products to any country YOU HAVE to support the local languages. Why do I have to know English or one of the few languages you are supporting just to read the manual or to watch a movie?

So, WD members, you sell your products to our country you HAVE to support our language in them.

Or if you don’t, you HAVE to write it on the box of the product.


And see how the sells are going after that.

A disappointed buyer.

Tsopdim  I did what you said but still subtitles doesn’t work…:frowning:

hmmm, worked for me Panthir. Save us UTF-8 not Unicode…usually .srt files they come as ANSI saved types. I agree to what you say though, WD should have taken this into account especially if it was facilitated in previous versions. Try it and leta us know how it went. Do you get symbols or do not see the subs at all?

At first with the .str files I was getting the symbols as you said. What I did was renaming the .str file as .txt to open it with notepad and save it as UTF-8 instead of ANSI (original). Now there are no subtitles at all.I don’t know if what I did was wrong or something. When I play it with Media Player Classic on my PC subtitles work fine. But on WD nothing.

I have to say I have the original firmware not any upgrades. I was thinking to upgrade but after I saw some problems other users have here at the forum I will not upgrade because I don’t want to get more troubles and no solutions.

Anyway thanks for the reply and your help.

I finaly did it!! :slight_smile: wooohooo!!!

Tsopdim, thanks man for the good advices. Be well.

The “key” was that I was wrong to “rename” the .str file istead of just choose to “open” with notepad.

I did opened it and save as UTF-8. After that it worked. So it was my bad.

Thanks again.

anks go to sliklee, not me, he was the originator of the solution. Nice to hear Panthir, enjoy :slight_smile:

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