GRAID SHUTTLE with M2 Macbook Pro's

Just an update if anyone is thinking about this combo of a GRAID shuttle 4 or 8 and the new Macbook Pro M2’s.

I just received a new M2 Macbook Pro along with a GRAID Shuttle 4 24TB.

SANDISK - which is now Western Digital - has some literature inside which skips you right to a phone call for the multi step install which includes dropping your security preferences (“temporarily” lol) instead of written instructions, which I thought was helpful.

They didnt have M2 drivers. We tried to install the m1 drivers over and over but it didnt work.
They say they’ll work on it. Fine.

I set the GRAID SHUTTLE 4 up using their install on my intel mac, and am able to use the GRAID on my new M2 just without the system software.
it comes as RAID 5 but honestly I just left it at that. For what i need it for right now that works.

Ive got to keep my intel laptop tho if i want to change anything, until that driver comes out.

Really the annoying thing is that the drive, which is not too loud and sturdy AF - is getting put to sleep when my screen shuts down. I want the screen to, but not the drive? Maybe I will try another port. That would ■■■■ if one did and one didnt.
Maybe its a setting. I will look into this further.
My screen shuts down and then the GRAID beeps. But, it does fire-up super fast. I wonder if this is even a temp sleep. Either way I can’t manage it yet on the M2…

I will come back later and share how it handles video editing.

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Hi @jfn,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

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