Google Indexing Nas Drives

Just read an article on Gizmodo about this. The MyCloud was named as one of the drives affected. Thought I’d bring it to everyone’s attention.

Note, it’s not an issue with the MyCloud, it’s with your router settings.


I don’t get it. either they are not telling the truth or they are advertising to sell their products.

I dont see any evidence of what they are alleging, I read the whoe article I do not see a single evidence on how and why. What did I miss? Looks like a FUD.

The linked article from Gizmodo ends with this paragraph …

" Making the trade

Instant access is something everyone wants. The trick is to remember the trade-off; more access often equals less security. To put it another way, when it comes to personal clouds and data access, choose two of the following:

Unlimited access to data; easy access to data; security."

Which is a new re-work of an older adage - Cheaper, Better, Faster … pick any 2

Good thing I keep FTP off on mine.  

Another security note.  If you reset your forum password here, it sends out a temp password in your email which can be tracked.  So if someone intercepted your email and you’re slow to log in, your forum account could be compromised.